A wildlife enthusiast capturing footage of orcas off the coast of Newfoundland says he wants to share the wildlife shots with as many people as possible.

Paul Dolk is an amateur videographer from Holland, with a summer home on the Bonavista Peninsula.

He used a drone and GoPro to capture both aerial and underwater footage of a group of orcas spotted last weekend near his summer home.

"We're on the water a lot and we're always scanning on the horizon, right, because although we do love the humpback whales and the dolphins and everything, we're always looking for orcas, because that's a treat. You may see them once a summer — or every two or three years," said Dolk.

"Although they do come close to your boat and they really check you out and it looks aggressive at first, it's not. They're just going on their side and they're checking you out. It's the whales watching you, really," he said.

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