Operation Impact in full force this weekend

Police presence is being stepped up this weekend across the province, by both the RCMP and RNC.
The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary and the RCMP have partnered for Operation Impact during the Thanksgiving weekend. (CBC)

Operation Impact kicked off Friday across Newfoundland and Labrador, as the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary and the RCMP teamed up to keep a close eye on motorists who are hitting the highways for the long holiday weekend.  

It's a scene that RNC Cst. Scott Mosher said people in Corner Brook can get used to for the next few days.  

RNC Cst. Scott Mosher. (CBC)

"Well this operation is a national program, one that we look at high-risk driving activities ... and we want to ensure that our roadways are safe for all users," said Mosher. 

Police will check licence, registration and insurance, as well as checking on how safe your ride is. 

"We want to ensure seatbelt use is being adhered to, we also want to check the safety and road worthiness of the vehicles to ensure that they are safe to be on our roadways."

Mosher said most drivers are pleased to see the police out in force, but not everyone who was stopped on Friday drove away. 

At least one man ended up in handcuffs before 11 a.m. 

"From what I can gather there was a driver who had an outstanding warrant of arrest, and that was a subsidiary of one of the traffic stops."

Mosher says the check points will be popping up day and night for the duration of the weekend.

RCMP Cst. Dennis Hann. (CBC)

On Friday near Middle Gull Pond, on Newfoundland's east coast, RCMP Cst. Dennis Hann said the force will be writing tickets for any breaches of the Highway Traffic Act.

"We will be enforcing the criminal code for any driving offences that we see while we are on the roadways," said Hann. 

In a 90-minute period on Friday morning, Hann caught more than a dozen speeding drivers. 

"So far, usually, they've been about 135, 140, coming over the hill. I have gotten speeds of up to 150 kmh."

Hann said with those speeds, getting everyone to slow down and survive the weekend is what Operation Impact is all about.


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