A ban is being implemented on outdoor fires in western Labrador effective immediately, according to the provincial Department of Natural Resources.

The ban includes the town of Churchill Falls and all areas located west of Churchill Falls.

Government officials say recent dry weather and hot temperatures in Labrador have heightened the threat of forest fires throughout many areas.

The forest fire index is currently at high levels, and is expected to continue to climb by the weekend.

The province says unauthorized burning, including campfires and brush burning, cannot take place in and around forested areas. Gas barbecues and CSA-approved patio wood burning devices are excluded.

Fireworks are included in the ban, except for sanctioned firework displays conducted by towns and local communities.

The government says the outdoor fire ban will be lifted when weather and forest conditions warrant.

Meanwhile, a forest fire that began over the weekend continues to burn in the region.

Flare-ups on Thursday morning led police to halt escorts on the Trans-Labrador Highway.

Vehicles remained lined up waiting to get through.