NDP Leader Lorraine Michael says she is not afraid to rip up a contract with the Hebron partners to deliver a three per cent surtax promised in her party's new election platform.

But, in an interview with On Point With David Cochrane, Michael admits that she is not sure how an NDP government would accomplish this, even though the Hebron agreement with the government specifically says the contract cannot be changed.

"I think any agreement can be opened," Michael said. "I think we can ask for more money, and I intend to go after it."

The interview with Michael, who is this week's featured guest, can be viewed above, as well as the rest of the second edition of On Point.

On the insiders' panel, Tory cabinet minister Shawn Skinner defends an emphasis in the Tory platform on fiscal prudence. He is challenged by Liberal Barry Snow and New Democrat Dale Kirby, who each defend their respective party platforms.

Our pundit panel — Amanda Bittner, Tim Powers and Anthony Germain — looks at what to expect in the debate set for Wednesday evening, and what each leader will need to do to score a win with voters.

Meanwhile, you can watch the first episode of On Point right here.

On Point will air two more episodes, on Oct. 2 and on Oct. 9.