Christopher Mitchelmore and Dale Kirby have been at the centre of the big political story of the past two weeks, and now the province's new independent MHAs say there's no guarantee they will run in the next election.

Kirby and Mitchelmore are guests on this week's edition of On Point with David Cochrane.

"I'm sure some people are not content with my decision. But look, I'm not a career politician. I've said all along that I had no aspirations to the leadership, whether people believe that or not. But I'm not a career politician. That's not my first vocation," Kirby said.

"I haven't even decided whether I'm going to re-offer for election. In the event that I do, the voters will decide whether or not I'll get re-elected and I'll be quite happy to take that direction from them." 

"Right now I certainly don't predict the future. If I do decide to run in 2015, I certainly hope to have the support of the people of The Straits-White Bay North as I did in the last election," Mitchelmore said. 

NDP leader Lorraine Michael was also a guest on On Point this week.

Michael discussed her thoughts on the future of her leadership and the New Democratic party.

Despite losing two of five NDP caucus members, Michael said the future is still bright for the party.

"We're doing very well, I think, we've had two solid executive meetings of the party," Michael said.

"I feel very strong about the direction in which we're moving as a party."