Months of campaigning come down to one week of voting as five candidates all vie for the top spot in the Liberal party.

The party has soared in the polls, putting them in the front spot ahead of the Tories and NDP.

Liberal MHA Andrew Parsons, backing presumed front-runner Dwight Ball, said there's a lot of support out there for Ball.

"We've got a great candidate, we've got a lot of support, and I know that we've put the work into this, so we're looking forward to Sunday. We hope that the turnout is obviously positive for us, but we've had a great campaign," Parsons said.

MP Scott Andrews, supporting Paul Antle, said the camp is confident that things are going well.

"We're trying to get our vote out now ... this is the big crunch here now, and like all camps we've identified our vote, we've signed them up, we've converted a few people along the way … and now it's a challenge to get out and get people to cast that ballot," Andrews said.

John Hogan, party vice-president, is backing Cathy Bennett, and said there were may be a few more challenges for his candidate, but that things are looking positive.

"Maybe she was the underdog coming in because she was new to this, so given the fact that she has probably been not as seasoned as the other top contenders here, she's done just as good a job or probably better getting her name out there," Hogan said.

Liberal MHA Jim Bennett and former MHA Danny Dumaresque are also in the running for the Liberal leadership role.

Results will start to roll in on Sunday evening.