Some are wondering if the Liberal party has gained momentum following their win in the Cartwright-L'Anse au Clair byelection.

Lisa Dempster won with 54 per cent of the vote for the official opposition, with the NDP taking 33 per cent and the Tories falling behind with 13 per cent.

PC MHA Steve Kent said the results did not come as a shock to him, since the district is traditionally a Liberal one.

"It's not a big surprise, to be honest," Kent said. "This is a district that's been a Liberal district for a long time."

Kent said the district has the right to choose whichever candidate it believes best represents them, even if it's not his party.

"The people of Cartwright-L'Anse au Clair, like every district of the province, they get to decide which party and which person represents them, and we respect that choice."

Randy Edmunds, Liberal MHA for Torngat Mountains, said the win sends a message of increasing Liberal strength in the province.

"If you look at the trends, everything is going up for the Liberals," Edmunds said.

"I think [this win] falls in line with the upward trends for the Liberal party."

NDP MHA Dale Kirby said the results show that people are open to the NDP party in Labrador.

"I think it shows promise for us that people are receptive to our message," he said.

Kirby said he thinks it was a missed opportunity for the party to gain another member and possibly become the new official opposition.

The three MHAs were on the On Point panel this week to discuss the political climate with host David Cochrane.