Liberal leadership hopeful Jim Bennett is the featured candidate on this week's episode of On Point, to answer audience questions about what he would do if elected as the party's leader.

Both the Liberals and the NDP have previously said that fewer seats in the House of Assembly would help reduce government spending.

However, MHA Bennett said the solution could be setting up more active committees to put together proposals.

"All-party committees could bring forth proposals to government for legislation. One example would be, today if I were premier, I would strike an all-party committee on pensions in the province," Bennett said.

"So all parties have to look at what do we do with public service pensions, what do we do with pensions overall, and whatever the committee recommended would also apply to the MHA pensions ... because if you're going to prescribe what the cure is supposed to be, then you better be prepared to take the medicine ... and I think that would be how an all-parliamentary committee could work, because all parties are in this together."

Catch the full episode of On Point with David Cochrane, above, to hear Bennett answer more viewer-submitted questions, as well as the future of the Maritime Link, now that a new premier of Nova Scotia has been elected.