With the Progressive Conservatives moving ahead with their delegate selection process for the upcoming leadership convention, there is talk within the party of scrapping the delegate process for future leadership races.

David Brazil, Terry French and Tom Hedderson — party insiders for all three leadership candidates — were part of the On Point panel this week to talk about potential changes to the Tory leadership process.

They said there are other technologies that can be utilized to get the word out to more people about the leadership selection process, and get more people in Newfoundland and Labrador involved.

Also on this week's On Point, Russell Wangersky with The Telegram and CBC's Anthony Germain talk about a new oversight committee that will keep tabs on the Muskrat Falls project, made up almost entirely of senior government officials.

Germain said it's an effort from Marshall to to satisfy concerns from the public, but it won't go far enough with government officials doing the overseeing.

Wangersky said the issue of accountability is coming in too late into the project, and any action is a clean up of the situation.

Check out the full episode of On Point with host David Cochrane.