Depending on how things play out at the house of assembly in the days to come, 2012 may go down as the year with not one but two filibusters.

With memories still fresh over this spring's marathon debate over Bill 29, which expanded government's power to withhold information, the Liberals and NDP are planning a similar tactic to protest how the government is handling the Muskrat Falls issue.

The filibuster won't happen during the debate on the private member's bill that Premier Kathy Dunderdale has promised on the Muskrat Falls hydroelectric megaproject.

Instead, NDP Leader Lorraine Michael and Liberal Leader Dwight Ball have their eyes on two pieces of enabling legislation, or technical bills that are needed to push Muskrat Falls through.

"It will be pillows and coffee and whatever it takes to get the message out there, and the people of this province know what is wrong with this project," Ball said.

You can see Michael and Ball make their case in the most recent edition of On Point with David Cochrane, in the video player above.

In the meantime, cast a vote on what you think of the Opposition's tactic, and what they may be able to accomplish.