Olympian visit wows Corner Brook students

A group of Olympic athletes were in Corner Brook for a national competition, and they made a special stop at an elementary school to help inspire the young students to stay active in sports.
Students at C.C. Loughlin Elementary School in Corner Brook were thrilled with a visit from a group of Olympic athletes. (CBC)

A special group of visitors stunned students at a Corner Brook school today.

Olympic skiers Brittany Webster, Amanda Ammar and Daria Gaïazova, in town for the Haywood 2014 Ski Nationals, dropped by C.C. Loughlin Elementary School.

The athletes passed around the Sochi Olympic coin and shared photos of their recent trip to Russia for the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games.
From left, Amanda Ammar, Brittany Webster and Daria Gaïazova brought their skis and photos to show elementary students at C.C. Loughlin Elementary School in Corner Brook. (CBC)

Cross-country skier Brittany Webster said visiting young people is an important part of being an Olympic athlete.

"It's just such a special opportunity for these guys, and you can be so motivating and so empowering, especially to small schools like this who don't get an opportunity a lot of the time to be around or know Olympians face to face," she said.

Students decked out the school in red and white decorations to welcome the Olympians.

Webster said visits like the one on Friday are as special for athletes as it is for the students.
Olympic skier Brittany Webster says it's important for athletes to try and inspire young people to stay active in sports. (CBC)

"It just puts a massive smile on our face as much as it does their face. And that's what being here and for us to discover small parts of the country like this on our nationals is really all about," she said.

The Olympians also attended the Fast and Female Ski Nationals Champ Camp at Memorial University's Grenfell Campus, which aims to encourage young girls from nine to 19 to stay active in sports.

The athletes still have to compete in another race at Blow Me Down Trails to finish up their national competition.