North Atlantic says two oiled seabirds were killed as a result of a spill from its Come By Chance refinery in the Placentia Bay area. 

"Unfortunately, two oiled birds were found and despite the efforts of the seabird rehabilitation centre in St. John's the birds could not be saved," a spokesperson said in a statement released Sunday evening.

The leak was discovered on Jan. 4 by a North Atlantic operations team who saw crude oil and water leaking from a pipe at the refinery's dock. 

According to North Atlantic, the leak was stopped and the company's response team deployed a containment boom and started an immediate cleanup of the area within an hour of the discovery.

Refinery Manager Dan Harris said he was proud of his team's determination to clean up the area, and is working to ensure a situation like this doesn't happen again. 

"I am very upset that we let this happen in the first place. This is not how we will be operating this facility," he said in the statement. 

North Atlantic said cleanup crews have been working every day since the incident to "return the areas of impact to their original condition."

Work is expected to continue into the coming week.