CBC News has learned that Ocean Choice International has struck a deal with the province to keep its Fortune fish processing plant open.

OCI has been granted a temporary exemption from the Newfoundland and Labrador government to ship 75 per cent of its yellowtail flounder quota outside the province for processing.

Sources told CBC that the province has told OCI it has to process the rest of the quota at the plant in Fortune. Sources also said the province reserves the right to pull the plug on the deal, and government will not give OCI a permanent exemption on yellowtail flounder processing.

Sources said OCI has committed to providing 110 full-time jobs, which includes 30 new jobs at the Fortune plant, and between 35 and 40 weeks of work, starting in January.

CBC has learned that the provincial government, the company, the union local representing the plant workers, and the town council of Fortune all support the deal.

Workers at the plant are expected to vote on the deal Thursday night.