Activists who have maintained the last formal Occupy camp in Canada say they will continue to have a presence in St. John's, despite an eviction notice that will force them from a downtown park.

Demonstrators who have kept up a handful of tents at Harbourside Park through the winter have been told to pack up their gear by the middle of May.

But organizer Terry MacEachern said even if the tents are pulled down, the movement will continue to speak out against financial inequality and other issues.

"Occupy N.L. is still here to stay," he said. "We aren't going anywhere. We're residents here. We love it here ... We'll still have an office here, we'll still have rallies, we're going to still shed light on the injustice that happens in our society."

St. John's Mayor Dennis O'Keefe, who had not had an issue with the camp since it was erected in mid-October, said the city needs to prepare Harbourside Park for the summer.

"We need to have that park back for the people of the city to enjoy and have our concerts during the summer months," O'Keefe told CBC News.

Although the camp had as few as three people living at the park at any one time, Occupy N.L. has been growing again in recent weeks.

"We're just going to make our appearance in other ways," said Natasha Battiston, one of two activists who arrived this week from Toronto to volunteer at the camp. "Whatever needs to be done will get done to bring awareness to its full, maximum, potential."