The Nunatsiavut government is teaming up with ArcticNet, a group of Canadian scientists, for a new look at how the proposed Muskrat Falls hydro project will affect the Inuit way of life.

Glen Sheppard, Nunatsiavut's minister of lands and natural resources, says the work will be done using credible, transparent, and peer-reviewed research methods and processes.

He says the government wants to know how the project will affect the health of Inuit people, and how the downstream effects of hydroelectric activity could potentially change their livelihoods. 

According to Sheppard, the economic aspect of the project is secondary at this point.

Sheppard also hopes Nalcor Energy — the Crown-owned corporation that is leading the Muskrat Falls development process — will take part in the review.

Community information sessions are already underway, according to the Nunatsiavut government. Next up is a pilot program, and more consultations in the fall.

The Nunatsiavut government, which was established in 2005, is a regional Inuit government within the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.