The Nunatsiavut Government says it's hoping to go ahead with plans to build a cultural centre in Nain, despite not having enough money to yet complete the project.

President Sarah Leo said plans for the centre have been delayed for years, citing a lack of funding.

Sarah Leo

Sarah Leo says the cultural centre planned for Nain will be more than just a performance space - it will provide a way for people to look at their family and cultural history. (CBC)

According to Leo, Ottawa and the Inuit government have each put in roughly two thirds of the total cost, but they're still about $5 million short of the target.

She said the Newfoundland and Labrador government hasn't committed its share to the project.

"The provincial government, through

[former] premier Dunderdale, had committed a certain amount of money to the project and said they were in full support of it," said Leo.

"It was also identified in the Northern Strategic Plan that the cultural centre was a priority for the government, and that they would commit to working with the Nunatsiavut government in getting it done [but] we've yet to see any real commitment from the provincial government."

Moving ahead

Leo said despite the lack of money to finish the project, she wants to move ahead with plans.

"We're in a position now that we can get it started, and we'll continue to seek the rest of the money to complete it," said Leo.

The design is an expansive 1,300-square metre facility that would be constructed on Nain's waterfront, which Leo said will be more than just a performance space.

"It'll have your exhibits, it'll have the stories, it'll have the pictures. There's going to be an interactive map where people can come in and say, 'Look, this is where my great-great grandfather was born, or this is where we had our fishing camp.' It is a true cultural centre," she said.

The provincial government said it is still in discussion with the Inuit government about how much money it will put into the project.