The head of the Nunatsiavut government said she is "cautiously optimistic" about the plan to overhaul the ferry service through Labrador.

Sarah Leo at house of assembly

Sarah Leo has concerns about an overhaul of the government ferries that service northern Labrador. (CBC)

Sarah Leo said she is pleased to see the Newfoundland and Labrador government replacing some of the aging ferries that service the region, although she is concerned Labrador isn't ready for some of the changes — particularly the transfer of the main port of call from the island to Goose Bay.

"Whatever they're getting from the island will have to be trucked up to the port in Goose Bay and right now those aren't in any shape, or in any condition, to handle the amount of freight that would be coming up," Leo said. 

Leo said that while reliable vessels are important, it's also critical for the bidding companies to have an understanding of the needs of coastal Labrador.

"It's the other services and infrastructure around marine services that we have to be cautious of,” said Leo.