Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Danny Williams said Tuesday he is staying neutral in the latest political battle in Ottawa where the Liberals and NDP have declared their intention to form a coalition government.  

Williams said that he would work with whomever is the prime minister, but the opposition coalition has every legal and constitutional right to topple and replace the Stephen Harper government.  

Williams told reporters at first glance he likes the coalition's guiding principles.

"I can only base my judgment on what I've seen so far. And I like what I see. However, there is no meat on those bones," he said.

Although Williams spent years trying to defeat Harper and push him out of office, the premier is suddenly watching his tongue.  

"This is not a time to gloat. It just really simply isn't. The country is going through a really difficult, volatile time," he said.  

Williams said that if there is a change in government, it would create an excellent opportunity to advance some key provincial issues.  

The NDP and the Liberals have long expressed support for the Lower Churchill hydroelectric megaproject and the transfer of the federal Hibernia share to the provincial government.