People who rely on the ferry service in northern Labrador are frustrated again.

The Northern Ranger is out of service this week and is not expected to be running again until Friday night.

The aging vessel has a history of mechanical problems.

Peter Adams, president of CAI Nunatsiavut Marine, the company that operates the ferry service, says there's a problem with one of the generators on the ship.

Despite the recurring problems, Adams says the vessel is seaworthy and he would feel confident sailing aboard it.

"Ships are machinery like everything else and sometimes you run into these challenges," Adams said.

"We wouldn't be operating this ship if we didn't feel it was safe to do so. As a master mariner myself, I would feel comfortable to operate the Northern Ranger."

Alternative service to be provided

In a press release, CAI Nunatsiavut Marine says alternative service will be provided to customers who had confirmed reservations to travel on the Northern Ranger from July 19 to Aug. 2.

According to the company, these customers will be flown to their destination, with flights starting Tuesday afternoon from Goose Bay.

CAI Nunatsiavut Marine says there should be minimal impact to freight service.