Shrimp fishermen around the Northern Peninsula are tied up in a price dispute with processors.

The provincial price-setting panel sided with fishermen this season, granting them a price of 60 cents a pound.

That’s five cents more than processors wanted to pay.

Now Anchor Point fisherman Rendall Genge says fishermen can't afford to fish, because catches are low and shrimp size is small, driving down the price.

"The 60 cents is not feasible because it's not a 60 cents," Genge said. "It's a 50, 52 cents. That's all it's producing." 

Genge says most shrimp boats from Englee to Port au Choix are tied up in the dispute, affecting four processing plants.

He wants the Newfoundland and Labrador government to step in and scrap the current price-setting panel and find a mechanism to negotiate fish prices.