Northern Arm addictions centre remains in limbo

Plans for a private addictions treatment facility in central Newfoundland are on hold again.

Serenity on the Rock, town council remain at odds over proposed facility

Plans for a private centre in Northern Arm are again on hold, reports David Zelcer 1:31

Plans for a private addictions treatment centre in Northern Arm are on hold again.

The centre was supposed to open this month, but now the town is trying to stop it.

Serenity on the Rock first announced it was opening the addictions centre a few months ago.

Then the town council denied the company's application for a zoning change.

Serenity said it was opening anyway.

But the council has since sent a letter to the company saying the property is now residential, forcing Serenity to put the purchase of the local resort on hold.

For people like Paulette Andrews, who oppose the idea, that's great news.

"I'm proud of our council that they're going to see this to the end, which is really their job, which is why they were voted there," Andrews said.

But not everyone is opposed to the proposal, including next-door neighbour Craig Sharron.

"I think they should have let it open and if there was a problem after that ... they can re-close it," Sharron said.

Serenity on the Rock isn't doing interviews.

The town and the property owner now both have lawyers on the case, and they're not talking either.