Noia has launched a new online interactive map viewer for oil and gas activities in Atlantic Canada.

The launch takes place as the industry group holds its Play on the Edge 2013 conference in St. John’s this week.

The new map provides the general public with an enriched way to view exploration and production activities, both past and present.

Noia president and CEO Bob Cadigan said the map provides "a wealth of data in an easy-to-use application."

The online map viewer was built by Noia member Tamarack Geographic Technologies Ltd.

Tamarack integrated more than 15 data layers, including monthly well-production statistics from the Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board (C-NLOPB), leases, permits, licences and maps.

"It is targeted for people in the industry," said Tamarack’s senior consultant, Corey Tucker. "But we also wanted to have a focus on making it usable for the general public as well."

The map will also provide information on how much oil is coming out of a well on monthly basis, along with a total summary of production for all wells since the day they began pumping.

Tucker says the map will be updated every one to two months, as more data is made available by the C-NLOPB.