No-show in court, arrest warrant issued

Amy Collins, 36, was scheduled for a court sentencing on Tuesday but didn't show.

Judge Michael Madden issued warrant for arrest

The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary is searching for 36-year-old Amy Collins who did not show in provincial court on Tuesday. There is a warrant issued for her arrest. (CBC)

A warrant has been issued for a woman who was to be sentenced in provincial court on Tuesday.

Amy Collins, 36, was due for sentencing for obstruction of justice — however, she didn't show.

When Collins appeared in court 10 days ago, she made it perfectly clear she does not accept the court's authority. 

Collins kept talking about her rights and insisted the judge address her as 'My Lady.' 

Collins didn't claim to be a follower of Freemen of the Land, but she acted like one.

The Freemen are a growing fringe group of dissidents who reject all but their own authority.

Judge Michael Madden gave Collins 10 minutes to show up Tuesday morning. But when that didn't happen, he issued an order for her arrest.