Service NL Minister Paul Davis said the Swiss Chalet outlet had no choice but to shut down while it was being cleaned. (CBC)

The government of Newfoundland and Labrador says making food inspection records public isn't one of its priorities.

Documents obtained by CBC show government inspectors found rodent feces inside a Swiss Chalet restaurant on Kenmount Road in St. John’s last week.

Now, three years after government first floated the idea of posting inspection records online, Service NL Minister Paul Davis said the province is still considering it.

"To be frank with you, the number of inquiries received for food inspection reports is very small," he said.

Davis said that in cases like the shutdown of the Swiss Chalet restaurant, having the reports online probably wouldn't have helped.

"They would not have made any difference in the inspection that occurred and the results that took place," the minister said.

Davis said anyone can get restaurant inspection information from his department or any government service centre.