Employees at the weather station at 5 Wing Goose Bay received good news on Friday.

According to their union, there will be no layoffs at the military base weather office.

Staff were told last week that four out of six jobs would be cut, effective April 1, 2014. Employees currently provide weather observation services seven days a week.

Many people in Happy Valley-Goose Bay feared the cuts would negatively affect military and commercial flight services.

Bernie Bolger, local president for the Union of National Defence Employees, had lobbied to have the decision reversed.

"I attribute it to the political pressure that was applied and going to the media and getting the politicians involved as well, locally and nationally — and I believe that's what got the change made," said Bolger.

"I think it's a great day for the community, it's a great day for the staff ... staff are now content and it's great. For whatever reason, we have what we set out to do and we're successful."

Meanwhile, Labrador MP Yvonne Jones is pleased that the decision to lay off the workers has been reversed.

"I believe the decision could have had drastic effects on flight operations including search and rescue and other medical emergencies that would require up to the minute weather reports," said Jones.

"When we speak together as one voice, we do indeed have the collective strength to move forward and create positive changes. I applaud all entities and organizations, and individuals who voiced their concerns and lobbied for the workers and indeed the interests of all of Labrador."