Repairs are continuing on the Placentia lift bridge, but it's not clear when it will be fully operational again.

Major repairs to the 53-year-old structure ramped up this week after it broke down more than two weeks ago.

Traffic across the bridge was restored within days, but it still can't go up or down. That's left a dozen or so fishing longliners stranded inside the harbour, unless crews lower their masts so they can squeeze under the bridge.

Placentia Mayor Wayne Power says transportation officials are wary of setting a firm date for the fix.

"Their response is they're working as expeditiously as possible to get the bridge back in full operation, but no definite timeline right now," he said.

Fisherman Jim Mulroney lost time putting a hinge on the mast of his longliner so he can pass under the immobilized bridge.

"Lost the fishing. Could have been 8,000 or 10,000-pound cod caught," he said.

It takes Jamie Barnett, who fishes on both sides of the bridge, a full day to take his mast down or put it back up again.

"So I'm losing money on days that I could be fishing inside or outside, right?" he said.