Air quality tests are underway at a hospital in Labrador City after a huge fire at an adjacent construction site this weekend.

The 108-unit apartment complex that was being built next door to Captain William Jackman Hospital on Booth Avenue burned for nearly two days.

Patients were evacuated to a nearby Salvation Army church, but the hospital is waiting for a clean bill on its air quality before sending in crews to clean up.

Hospital manager Susan Bourgeois says the temporary hospital at the Salvation Army is working well in the meantime.

"Meals are being served as per the norm, medical care is available," said Bourgeois, although she admits the conditions are not ideal.

"We've attempted to keep our patients as comfortable as they can be, recognizing that this is not an optimal situation, and certainly there are some difficulties with being in a temporary setup."

How long this temporary situation will continue is uncertain. Bourgeois says she has no idea when the hospital will reopen.