Staff at a nursing home in Bonavista say they won't continue to work in the facility until something is done about the heat.

Workers at Golden Heights Manor plan to continue protesting the issue of no air conditioning Monday morning.

Last week, workers protested the lack of air conditioning as the humidex hit an all-time high in the region, citing health concerns for both staff and the 70 seniors living on site.

Protest at Golden Heights Manor

Staff at Golden Heights Manor protested the hot and humid working conditions inside the long-term care home. (Vik Adhopia/CBC)

Neil Fleming, the local NAPE representative for the workers, said both employees and residents are suffering from the heat with no resolution in sight from Eastern Health.

"I'm talking to them [the workers] on a daily basis, and a lot of them so far couldn't finish their shifts. They had to go home because of the heat stress," said Fleming.

"They ended up, some, off for a couple days because of the heat — it's crazy."

Fleming added the intense heat this summer has made the situation worse than ever before.

"What are we going to do, get back into the same environment again next year? I told them this over a year ago that it's needed up there now [and] family members have said the same thing," he said.

Fleming added there is air conditioning in one small room of the building, but it's needed sorely throughout the entire facility.