A St. John's bar has had its liquor licence suspended after photos posted online showed underage teens partying inside.

It happened on March 8, during opening night festivities for Allure on George Street.

CBC reported on the event after renowned American nightlife photographer Kirill posted raunchy pictures he took of drunk young women — some of them topless — online.

But some of the people in the photos were underage, which CBC has confirmed with their family members.

There have been no complaints of the teens being photographed nude. 

However, it would be illegal for them to be inside a licensed bar, and that's what prompted the Newfoundland Liquor Corporation to act.

A spokesman for the NLC said Allure's licence has been suspended pending an investigation.

If it's determined underage teens were in the club, there could be serious consequences.

That could include anything from a lengthy shutdown to criminal charges.

Meanwhile, the man who took the racy photos has been tweeting his disbelief with the fallout.

"There's chaos in the Ukraine and a plane full of missing people, yet hot girls who show me their boobs make the news?"

Kirill promotes himself as a "Slut Whisperer." After the Allure event, he posted dozens of photos that showed women baring their breasts, getting alcohol poured on their bodies and in their mouths, and women lying partially nude in the snow on George Street.