Your next free flight might be further away than you thought—the Newfoundland Labrador Liquor Corporation no longer provides Air Miles on locally brewed beer.

The NLC says the decision saves it money by cutting costs associated with Air Miles promotions.

The corporation says it also helps level the playing field for gas stations and convenience stores that also sell locally-produced beer.

"It gives the opportunities for convenience stores to sell the same product and not essentially compete with NLC when we're offering a program like Air Miles," said Greg Gill, marketing director with the NLC.

Greg Gill

Greg Gill with the NLC says he doesn't think removing Air Miles will hurt local beer sales at the liquor store. (CBC)

"The local brewers are great partners of ours and we really want to see that local beer community thrive."

Air Miles are still available for all other liquor store products. However, Gill says he doesn't think that removing Air Miles will affect local beer sales.

"The thing with people who favour local beers, they're a fiercely brand loyal bunch," he said.

"If someone enjoys a Blue Star or an India or a Yellow Belly or Quidi Vidi product, we really don't anticipate a mass exodus from those brands."

The change came in effect on February 28.

Newfoundland beer

The NLC says that ending Air Miles on local beers helps out convenience stores and gas stations that also sell these products. (CBC)