Nicholas Sheppard, associated with Outlaws biker gang denied bail

Nicholas Sheppard, 25, is facing several gun and drug charges after police discovered a number of weapons in his apartment last weekend.
Nicholas Sheppard, who has been in police custody since Sunday, was denied bail in Gander provincial court on Tuesday. (CBC)

A man who has an association with a biker gang in Gander was denied bail in provincial court on Tuesday.

Nicholas Sheppard, 25, is facing several gun and drug charges, after police discovered a number of weapons in his apartment last weekend. 

Sheppard was arrested at his apartment on Sunday.
RCMP Sgt. Roger Flynn says although Nicholas Sheppard wasn't a full-fledged member of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club, he did associate with the group. (CBC)

RCMP say it's the latest in a string of offences tied to the Outlaws Motorcycle Club in Gander, which moved into the town last fall.

Sgt. Roger Flynn said police were looking for firearms and confiscated a loaded .22-calibre handgun.

"This is the first time we've executed a warrant where there's been a loaded handgun at the scene, and accessible to persons on the premise, so it was somewhat alarming for us," Flynn told CBC.

Police also seized several other weapons, as well as drugs and cash.

Also seized was a hoodie, emblazoned with the Outlaws' logo.

"I think it's got to do with accessibility, and the potential for violence. Typically this is what you'll see, someone involved in the drug tradethey wear support gear, like what Mr. Sheppard was wearing, and it's strictly an intimidation tactic. Mostly for other criminals, other people that might interfere with some of their business."
Various weapons, including a loaded handgun, as well as drugs and cash were seized by police on Sunday night in Nicholas Sheppard's apartment. (RCMP)

Since the Outlaws moved into Gander about eight months ago, they've had several run-ins with the law.

A former member of the Outlaws, Patrick Bemister, was sentenced to jail time on Monday for assaulting two off-duty police officers following a brawl at a Gander nightclub in September 2013. 

Flynn said this doesn't come as a surprise to police.

"This is what was expected, and this is what we typically see when organized crime groups like motorcycle groups set up in a town." 

Nicholas Sheppard faces nine firearms and drug charges. He will remain in police custody until his next court date on June 10.