Local singer vying to become voice of Stone Temple Pilots

A local musician is hoping to become the new lead singer of the Stone Temple Pilots, in response to an open call for auditions.

Percy McDonald, Brian Byrne among locals auditioning to join STP

Percy McDonald sings for local bands the Tequila Rockingbirds and Diesel Dogs, and is vying to become lead singer for the Stone Temple Pilots. (Submitted by Percy McDonald )

A local musician is hoping to become the new lead singer of the Stone Temple Pilots, after the band announced it was holding open auditions for a new frontperson.

Percy McDonald, who has been performing in bands for about 27 years, feels he'd be the right fit for the Vasoline and Interstate Love Song performers.

He's also used to performing covers, having been lead singer with local groups Tequila Rockingbirds and Diesel Dogs.

In February, STP bandmates Dean DeLeo, Robert DeLeo and Eric Kretz made an open call for auditions for a new frontperson, asking hopefuls to submit covers of two of their songs.

Former lead singer Scott Weiland died in December 2015, and replacement frontman Chester Bennington left to focus on his other band Linkin Park. 

'Why not?'

McDonald submitted his covers Sunday evening in hopes he'll get noticed. 

"I would do it in a flash if I was the right fit for them," he said.

The Facebook page 'Brian Byrne for Stone Temple Pilots Frontman' has over 2,200 members in support of the Newfoundland-born musician. (Facebook)

"Original music has always been a big interest of mine and I guess that's probably another reason why trying out for the Stone Temple Pilots intrigues me because I know they want to keep creating music."

Also vying for the job is Brian Byrne, who hails from Newfoundland and Labrador, but currently lives in Nova Scotia.

A Facebook page supporting ​the I Mother Earth vocalist's audition has garnered over 2,200 likes.

The last day for singers to submit their recordings was Monday. 


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