Mussels farmed in Newfoundland waters will soon be receiving the organic label.

Laura Halfyard, who manages two fish farms on the island, said it was a lot of hard work to get the certification for the province.

She said they are the first mussels in North America to receive the label.

"You've got to be able to document everything you do, through every stage of your farm process and how you harvest and then, eventually, process [the mussels]," Halfyard said.

The certification includes a mountain of paperwork, as well as monitoring the ocean waters.

"You look to be as natural as possible. We collect seed naturally, all of our materials are either re-used or they're biodegradable — like the socking we use," Halfyard said.

"No pesticides, no chemicals — so it's a really clean, natural process."

Halfyard said the newly-labelled organic Newfoundland mussels will be launched at the upcoming Boston Seafood show in March.