The film adaptation of Hold Fast, Kevin Major's award-winning coming of age story, hit Cineplex movie screens in St. John's and Halifax on Friday.  

Hold Fast has been screened at several film festivals, but producer Rosemary House said the film is meant to be watched in a movie theatre. 

"You want to have people to have that wonderful theatrical experience of sitting in the dark theatre and watching it on the great big screen," said House. "It's a wonderfully cinematic film, and that's where I want people to see it." 

Based on young adult novel 

Hold Fast is based on the 1978 young adult book by Kevin Major. It tells the story of Michael, a 14-year-old from outport Newfoundland, whose life is turned upside down when his parents die in a car crash and he is sent to the city to live with his aunt, uncle and cousin. 

The novel has won the Governor General's award, and it is taught in high schools and universities across the country. 
The film, directed by Justin Simms, was shot in 2012 on the east and west coasts of Newfoundland. It stars an almost entirely Newfoundland cast, along with Canadian actress Molly Parker. 

House said Hold Fast will remain in theatres as long as people go to see it.