Lt.-Gov. John Crosbie, who is known to tell it like it is, has expressed his disapproval of Newfoundland drivers by describing them as a menace comparable to moose.

"You have to wonder, once you're on the highways, which you're in more danger of," pondered Crosbie at a recent speaking event in St. John's.

"Are you in danger from the moose, or are you in danger from the drivers?"

The former politician went on to recount an unnerving incident on the highway where a vehicle cut off the car in which he was a passenger.

"It's very important that our drivers be urged to improve their driving because my experience is that Newfoundland drivers are not the best in the world."

The retired dignitary joked that he could now make such censurable remarks because he's no longer seeking public office.

"I'm not running for anything, therefore I'm not afraid to say it," said Crosbie, his comments meeting with laughter from the audience.

However, his reputation for being outspoken goes back decades, to his stints as a federal and provincial cabinet minister.

"If I go off the rails and run for something again," kidded Crosbie, "I hope this will be forgotten."

Crosbie was speaking at The Rooms, a cultural centre, where he was awarding medals for correctional service.