A doctor from Newfoundland and Labrador is trying to get more children access to polio vaccinations across the world.

Bruce Aylward, the World Health Organization's assistant director general for polio, said new outbreaks of the viral, infectious disease, are being reported in conflict-ridden nations with poor health care, such as Somalia and Kenya.

"Very quickly this has turned into an explosive outbreak with nearly 200 children now — paralyzed children and even adults — paralyzed across those two countries, and even right across the border into Ethiopia," he said.

According to Aylward, efforts to eradicate the disease can be dangerous work.

He said in parts of Pakistan, near the Afghanistan border, there is a mistrust of the program.

"There have been some real violent episodes both in Pakistan and in Nigeria where we've had actual attacks, and even in some cases the murder of vaccinators," Aylward said.

According to Aylward, there are suspicions the vaccinators are part of a western conspiracy, and some people also believe the polio vaccination causes impotence.