The town of Springdale with the help of the provincial government is putting the final touches on getting the wheels in motion for a new transportation system in the area.

Care 2 Ride is a pilot project that hopes to drive a little more independence into the lives of seniors living in the area.

Senior residents of the town will soon be able to call the Care 2 Ride dispatch line and a volunteer will give them a ride anywhere in Springdale.


The wheelchair accessible bus enables area seniors to commute within the town. (CBC)

What about the cost?

The cost? $4 for a round trip.

"It's a small fee and it will allow people to be more mobile within the community," said organizer Gloria Sheppard, adding that the transportation service will also increase the seniors' ability to take part in community activities.

Sheppard says the money they collect will go towards paying for the service.

"We did some research and discovered that this model works in other small rural communities," she said.

"We have a number of very small communities in the Green Bay North region, we're hoping that this will spread throughout the region, and become sustainable here," said Sheppard. 


There are plans to expand the service to other communities throughout the province. (CBC)

'We move around a lot'

Area resident Oswald Newbury and his wife have already signed up.

"We move around a lot, and sometimes, we just might need somebody," Oswald said.

The Care 2 Ride pilot project is mostly being paid for by the provincial government.

Within three years, organizers plan to expand the service to surrounding communities.

The first volunteer drivers get behind the wheel of the wheelchair accessible bus on July 7th.