Bishop's Falls will soon be introducing a new wastewater treatment system that uses grass to clean the water.

Mayor Bob Hobbs said the grass reeds will be used to help purify the water.

"[The waster] goes into a reed system – it's a type of tall grass, similar to a bamboo I guess," he said.

"What it does, it breaks down all the product in the waste, and literally uses that as their feed. By the time it goes through the six feeding plants, it comes out as clean water."

The new process will cost approximately $14-million, and the town will be paying just over $2.5-million of that bill.

Hobbs said Bishop's Falls got the idea from the nearby towns of Appleton and Glenwood, which recently installed the same type of system.

According to Hobbs, the new treatment facility, which will exceed new federal regulations, should be up and running by 2015.