New St. John's Farmers' Market could drive farm growth in province

A permanent home for the St. John' Farmers' Market may spell big news for St. John's farmers.

Move to year long market will help farms, says Evan Murray.

Evan Murray says the new St. John's Farmers' Market is great news for his business.

A permanent home for the St. John's farmers market may spell big news for St. John's farmers.

Evan Murray of Murray Meadows Farm says the move to an indoors, year-round facility means that his farm and others may expand to meet the increased demand.

"With this expansion, I think we could realistically look ahead to expanding the farm's output a little more," he said. 

Murray said the demand for his farm's produce has been growing over the past few years, as people make a more conscious effort to buy local. 

"This turn throughout pretty much all of North America where we've seen people recognize the value in local foods, local agriculture, realizing the health and environmental benefits, has been huge," he said.

"Those people who visit us [at the farmer's market] are those people who really see the value in local foods."

The new farmer's market, said Murray, will help his business grow in all seasons.

Construction on the new farmers' market is expected to begin in 2017, with a grand opening planned for 2018.

With files from Krissy Holmes