A new sweat lodge set to be open year round just outside the Labrador community of Sheshatshiu was opened on Friday, kicking off the town's National Aboriginal Day festivities​.

The lodge is located approximately six kilometres outside the town, in a traditional setting in the woods.

Makkus Penashue, a recovering alcoholic, said he knows how powerful sweat lodges can be to help the healing process..

He said the lodge will be a great place for people to recover from not only physical ailments, but also spiritual and emotional healing.

"I'm very happy that we have the sweat lodge for our people to come and get, if they need help, any kind of help," said Penashue.

"There's all kinds of help out there, but some people struggle with drugs and alcohol and this is one of the reasons that this sweat lodge is here."

Penashue said he hopes the sweat lodge will be staffed with a counsellor on a permanent basis to provide additional help to people in need of it.

He said the lodge was built using community funds, and belongs to everyone for their use.