Neville trial jury sequestered again

The jury in the Steven Neville murder trial continued its deliberations Thursday.

The jury at the Steven Neville murder trial is sequestered again.

The four men and seven women started deliberating Wednesday afternoon and continued through Thursday, but not before returning to the courtroom three times to ask questions of the judge

They first asked Justice Carl Thompson to clarify the definition of first-degree murder. Thompson told them the Crown must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Neville intended to kill Doug Flynn, that he planned it, and that it was deliberate.

The judge said it's also first-degree if Neville planned to harm Flynn, but then was reckless and used such force that Neville must have known it could kill Flynn. Flynn died from a stab wound to the head on Oct. 9, 2010.

Later Thursday, the jury asked Thompson for the legal definition of two words - first (degree) and deliberate.

Thompson told them it means considered, not impulsive, slow in deciding.

The jury also wanted the definition of provocation. The judge gave them the definition from the criminal code: "A wrongful act or insult such that it deprives an ordinary person of self-control."

Lastly, the jury wanted to know "if to murder is the same as to kill."

Thompson apologized, saying they'd have to make up their minds using the instructions he'd already given them.

Neville is charged with first-degree murder in the stabbing death of Doug Flynn, and the attempted murder of Ryan Dwyer.

Deliberations will continue on Friday.