The retrial for accused murderer Steven Neville has been postponed again.

Neville, 27,  was convicted in 2013 of the second-degree murder of Doug Flynn, who had been fatally stabbed in the head, and the attempted murder of Ryan Dwyer in Paradise.

The Supreme Court of Canada overturned turned Neville's convictions in 2015, saying there were problems with the judge's instruction to the jury at the original trial, and ordered a new trial.

Justice Robert Stack

For a second time, Supreme Court Justice Robert Stack has granted Steven Neville postponement of a new trial. (Glenn Payette/CBC News, )

The first retrial was supposed to take place on March 6 of last year, but it was postponed and set for March 5 of this year.

Because of a publication ban, the reason for that postponement couldn't be reported.

On Friday in Supreme Court, Neville's new defence counsel asked for another delay.

Again, because of a publication ban, the reasons for the request can't be reported.

But Justice Robert Stack granted the postponement, and the trial is now set for Sept. 17 and scheduled for 12 weeks.

Stack is also the judge who allowed the first postponement of the retrial.