A former girlfriend of Steven Neville has testified that she received several phone calls from Neville on the night that Doug Flynn was killed and Ryan Dwyer was stabbed. 

Neville is on trial in St. John's for the first-degree murder of Flynn and the attempted murder of Dwyer

Brittney Whitty said she took several phone calls from Neville on Oct. 9, 2010. She testified that he said he was very upset and angry because Dwyer had posted a negative comment on Facebook about Neville's mother.

Whitty said she told Neville, "Don't let it get to you."

Neville called after stabbings, Whitty testifies

Several hours later, Flynn was dead, and Dwyer was in hospital with stab wounds, both after being invovled in an altercation on Carlisle Drive in Paradise.

Whitty said Neville called her after the incident. She said he was breathing hard, as if he was running, and he said, "They pushed me. They pushed me. They wouldn't stop. They wouldn't stop."

The court has heard that Dwyer was angry because Neville had taken over his cocaine business, and Dwyer was constantly threatening to beat Neville up.

Whitty said in another phone call to her that night, Neville was crying, and said, "They are my friends. Are they okay?"

She said she told Neville the men were hurt.

Final crown witness

Whitty was the crown's last witness.

The defense takes over next week, and is expected to put someone on the stand who was not called as a witness by the crown, but who saw what happened on Carlisle Drive that night.