An RCMP officer testified Friday that he was hit by debris from a shotgun blast during a frightening encounter with a man accused of shooting at police during a 2010 standoff in Bay Bulls.

Cpl. Will McGinnis was part of the emergency response team that tried to enter back door of the house Leo Crockwell, 57, was barricaded in for more than a week

McGinnis went into detail about how the RCMP team tried to bust into the home and end the standoff on Dec. 8.

He said the team leader was yelling, "Police and something like we aren't going to hurt you. It's almost Christmas. Come on. Anything to try to get him out of the house."

While that was happening, another officer slammed a battering ram against the backdoor.

McGinnis said he heard a shotgun blast and felt something hit his face. He believes it was debris dislodged by the shot.

"Then I heard what sounded like a shotgun being loaded. I heard the click sound a break-model shotgun makes," he said.

McGinnis said a second shot was fired as another officer knock down the door with the battering ram.

"I had never been shot at before. It's not a natural thing to be shot at. The initial thought is to dive out of the way but we are trained. People are in jeopardy," he testified.

During cross-examination, Crockwell who is representing himself in court, questioned McGinnis.

He asked McGinnis why he didn’t fire his gun.

"[RCMP officers] are trained to fire at a target and I couldn't see you." McGinnis responded.

Crockwell has pleaded not guilty to eight charges - including assault with a weapon, possessing a firearm without a licence and carelessly using a firearm.