Another town is turning to surveillance cameras to tackle crime.

The town of Bay Roberts has shut its popular new skate park just two weeks after it opened, following the discovery of used needles at the site.


RCMP and municipal enforcement will be patrolling the area. (CBC)

Mayor Phillip Wood said he first became aware of intravenous drug use in the town when a similar discovery was made near the Bay Arena a couple of months ago.

The town installed video cameras around the arena and the problem went away.

Wood said the same strategy will be used at the skate park.

"I guess it's a little warning put there for people using the facility that they're there for the use of all. Please respect them, otherwise some privileges may be lost altogether," he said.

Wood said the town will do everything possible to ensure public safety.

He believes video at the skate park will also provide peace of mind for parents.

"Of course, obviously, in small towns such as Bay Roberts, we can't have 24-hour a day supervision. So by having cameras on the go, of course, if anything does go on we can certainly review the tapes and go from there," said Wood.

Wood also said the skate park should re-open once the new cameras are installed.

Meanwhile, RCMP have been asked to do additional patrols in the area, along with the town's municipal enforcement officer.