The New Democrats are coming under fire for running a parachute candidate in Labrador.  

Phyllis Artiss, a former university professor, is carrying the NDP banner for the riding of Labrador in the upcoming Oct. 14 federal election, but she lives in St. John's.

Artiss admitted Friday that someone from St. John's running in Labrador isn't ideal. She said the NDP approached several candidates, but no one was willing to run.

"It would be much better to have someone from Labrador who has lived there all their lives or much of their lives and worked there, and I haven't done that," she said.

Labrador activist Jan Dymond has supported the NDP in the past, and considered running for the party in this election, but she just started a new job.

Dymond said having someone from outside Labrador run in this election is an insult, and the party should do more to build grassroots support between elections.

"I'm just really disappointed that enough work has not been done by the NDP ... because there are certainly people issues that need attention," she said.

Dymond did say she was glad Artiss has worked on aboriginal and women's issues in Labrador since those are two topics that need more attention in this election. Artiss said she's not sure when she'll be able to visit Labrador to start campaigning.

Lacey Lewis, also from Newfoundland, is running for the Conservatives. Todd Russell, from William's Harbour, Labrador, is running for the Liberals.