Students in the drama club in Natuashish are bringing a stage adaptation of an Innu legend to the Creative Arts Festival at the O'Brien Arts Centre in Happy Valley-Goose Bay on Saturday evening. 

It's a tale about the Innu's move to Davis Inlet, the community where the Innu of Natuashish previously lived, told through traditional characters.  

Charlene Andrew, 16, told her English teacher, James McKinnon, about a legend she learned as a child.  

"Charlene said, 'I remember a legend about Wolverine,'" said McKinnon. 

Andrew added, "It always stuck to me, it's a fun story."

Innu elders give seal of approval 

With approval from Innu elders, McKinnon adapted the legend for the students in the drama club. 

Wolverine, played by Nehemiah Wesley, 13, is a troublemaker with a sense of humour and a bit of a foul mouth. 

"I thought that maybe the scatological humour might be offensive," said McKinnon. "But that's who Wolverine is, he's all about the funny stuff and the mischief."

Groups learns the ropes of acting 

McKinnon said one of the group's biggest challenges was learning how to take direction.

"These are strong students academically, as well personality-wise," said McKinnon.  

"I don't think they realized what stage fright was until they hit the stage and then there's a little awkwardness."

"They want to do it the best they possibly can." 

"I'm nervous actually," admitted Wesley of his lead role. "But I feel like I can do it."

'I feel like I'm re-enacting my childhood.' - Charlene Andrew 

Andrew said she was excited to perform the play for the audience in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, and she added that she was thrilled with her teacher's adaptation of the legend. 

"I think he's done a wonderful job putting the play together," said Andrew. "I feel like I'm reenacting my childhood."