The family of a woman who called in a threat to a school in St. John's says the legal system does nothing to help her with her mental issues or protect society.

Nancy Harte, 49, caused a panic when she called in death threats to Bishop Feild Elementary School in June.

Harte claims she called in the threat to abduct, sexually abuse and kill two students in order to be put back on a long-term supervision program she's been on for more than 10 years, but is about to end.

She made an almost identical call while under the same circumstances three years ago, and was given a three year probation.

Harte was charged with uttering threats and mischief after the call to Bishop Feild.

In court on Tuesday, the Crown and defence agreed on 15 months in jail and another three years of probation.

Nancy Harte sentenced in provincial court Tuesday

Nancy Harte, 49, was sentenced to 15 months in jail and three years of probation for calling in a threat at Bishop Field Elementary School in June. (CBC)

Harte asked Judge Mark Linehan to add 10 years of long-term supervision with sex offender treatment, saying "I like to be supervised."

Judge Linehan said he couldn't give her the supervision, but agreed to the sentencing recommended by the defence and Crown.

'What's going to happen next time?'

However, Violet Cooper, Harte's sister, said the sentence simply isn't enough, and won't do anything to actually help her sister.

"I feel sick to my stomach - I feel that justice didn't do any good here. She's going to be out in a year and she's going to do the same thing over again," said Cooper.

"I asked before, what does it take for a court system to help out people like Nancy and other people? Nancy's going from threatening — what's going to happen next time? Is it going to be more than a threat? She'll probably go out and kill somebody."

Cooper said while she loves her sister and wants her to get help, Harte is a threat to herself and to the general public - especially children. Harte has never met Cooper's grandchildren.

"When she's on her pills, she's different, but for the last couple of months she has not been taking her pills right, she has these awful thoughts of children and if somebody's not there to say, 'No, don't do it,' she'll go ahead and do it. She's got no consideration for anybody, she's got no remorse," she said.

"I want Nancy to get help. I love my sister, don't get me wrong, but she is a threat to herself and she is a threat to society, and especially to children. There is nowhere in town that she could live without a child there."

Cooper said her heart goes out to the families and children Harte impacted with her actions.