Nalcor under fire from Conception Bay South mayor

The province's energy corporation is trying to enlighten people about a Muskrat Falls-related project for the Seal Cove area of Conception Bay South.

Town concerned about impact of proposed grounding station

The province's energy corporation is trying to enlighten people about a Muskrat Falls-related project for the Seal Cove area of Conception Bay South.

But some residents and members of the town council say Nalcor's planning for Tuesday night's meeting, let alone the work, leaves much to be desired.

The plan is to establish what's known as a shoreline electrode at Dowden's Point, off Seal Cove.

It would involve installing metal rods in the bay as a grounding station for the Labrador-island transmission link from Muskrat Falls.

C.B.S. Mayor Ken McDonald says for starters, Nalcor could have picked a better night for a public meeting on such a contentious and complicated concept.

"Very disappointed that they would schedule a meetingone, on a council meeting night. Two on — and I know it may not be a big deal or anything — bonfire night," said McDonald, noting many councillors couldn't attend.

Nonetheless, about a hundred residents showed up for the meeting at St. Peter's Church Hall in Upper Gullies.

It had been billed as an information session, but quickly turned into a two-hour question-and-answer session.

McDonald says he's concerned about the impact the grounding station would have on the town's existing infrastructure.

"We have a sewer pipe that runs along the beach there. We have a lift station that pumps our sewer to other pipe. And is this grounding station going to affect all this metal that's in the ground in the area?"

McDonald says Nalcor could have checked with the town for a time when council members could attend.


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