Nalcor is going to run fibre optic cables into Labrador as part of its Lower Churchill hydroelectric project, CBC News has learned.

Right now the data network in Labrador is limited. It's impossible to get a home internet connection from Bell Aliant or Eastlink in several communities.

Bell Aliant's microwave towers can only receive a limited amount of data and, right now, it's the main way information travels out of Labrador.

That will end if Nalcor — a Newfoundland and Labrador owned power company, which is building transmission lines to bring Lower Churchill power out of Labrador — also lays fiber-optic line that could bring data into Labrador.

Fiber optic cables can move much more data than the existing microwave towers.

CBC News has learned that Nalcor will use some of this capacity. The rest will be for sale to companies like Bell Aliant.

Nalcor's transmission lines are scheduled to be in place in 2016.